Data Squirrels are more than happy to partner with you to provide you with reliable and accurate crosstabs based on your collected data. We run them using SPSS's specialised module, CTabs, and deliver them to you in ready-to-use Excel format. We can also style them using your corporate colour scheme.

Anything from regular banner tabs to summary tables of means, significance testing, means and standard deviation, or even your own custom calculations, can be applied. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any special requirements.

For Data Squirrels to produce crosstabs we will need a copy of your most recent data file (ideally in SPSS format), a copy of the final questionnaire, and a crosstab and banner specification. If you do not have a template specification file, you may download one here: Template Tab Spec. This file also contains examples of the some standard outputs.

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We support the market research process by partnering with you through the data production stage of your project and provide solutions to help you communicate your results better to your clients. "Data Squirrels worked creatively and with great speed to ensure that I got my coded tables back with plenty of time for analysis. They are highly experienced and provide service above and beyond the specifications provided." - Project Manager at Research Agency
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